How to stay motivated to lose weight and stick to your diet

Written by Maxine Wright

        After many decades as a practicing Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and weight loss coach in South East Queensland, Maxine recently sold her clinic and is now enjoying retirement.

January 25, 2019

It’s natural to feel excited and energetic at the beginning of a weight loss program, only to notice your motivation starting to fade after a few weeks.

If you lose your motivation for why you’re dieting, you’re more likely to cheat or even give up, which can lead to not achieving your goals. Even worse, you could end up gaining more weight than you had when you started.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, check out these tips on how to get motivated to lose weight and how to stay motivated throughout the process.

1. Get enough sleep

Research shows that too little sleep makes you feel hungrier, increases cravings for high-calorie foods, and makes you feel less satisfied after a meal. Not enough sleep also makes it harder to make good decisions and increases the likelihood that you’ll cave to your cravings. Plus, sleep deprivation saps your energy, making you feel more tired and sluggish, which means it’s more difficult to work out or put effort into planning and cooking healthy meals.

To keep up your motivation to eat healthy, make sure you get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night.

2. Build a support network

Whether it’s a close friend that you can do meal prep with, or a virtual network of people around the world, a support network is a great way to receive diet encouragement and stay on track.

See if there is anyone in your area that you can include in your weight loss journey, such as a co-worker, family member, or friend. If there’s no one nearby, look for support groups on dieting and weight loss sites. Also, check out social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for groups and networks you can engage with.

3. Write down your goals

If you want motivation to eat healthily, you need to be clear about why you’re doing it. This means clarifying and writing down your weight loss goals. Start by thinking about the outcome you want from losing weight. Do you want more energy, or for your clothes to fit better, or to feel more attractive? Whatever the overall goal is, write it down and put it somewhere you can see it. You can even put it on a post-it on your mirror to remind yourself every day of why you’re doing this.

Then, you should also write down the measurable goals you want to achieve. For example, how many kilos and cms do you want to lose? What dress size do you want to be able to fit into? Make sure to include a date for each goal.

Also, if it’s a big goal, break it up into smaller ones. For example, if you want to drop 12 kilos in 6 weeks, then you can break that down further into dropping 2 kilos a week (300 grams a day is the average weight loss with the hCG Diet program, so this goal is achievable)

Just keep in mind that weight loss progress isn’t always steady. Weight loss is not the only way to measure your progress. Measurements should also be taken as frequently; if the scales seem to stall, the measurements normally keep reducing. It’s common to see a huge drop in the beginning, then watch it slow down, or even plateau, before you start losing weight again. So, if you break your goals down too small, and you miss one, don’t let it discourage you!

4. Follow your hCG meal plan to reach your goals!

In order to motivate yourself to lose weight, it’s important to properly prepare and plan for your hCG weight loss journey. This includes reading your HCG meal plan in advance and preparing to commit to it.

Some diets make it difficult to count calories or make time for exhausting workouts. Luckily, the hCG system is already proven to be effective by over 60 years of research! We have a wealth of delicious, effective recipes to help you burn fat and keep the weight off according to your goals. Having this detailed plan in advance will help you keep on track and stay motivated.

5. Pre-prepare your meals

After you’ve planned your meals, the next step is to prepare as many of them in advance as you can. The last thing you want is to crave into fast food because you’re starving and you have nothing ready to eat.

Having healthy meals and snacks always at the ready can keep you motivated and focused on your weight loss. You can cook and freeze meals weeks in advance, or you can prepare fresh meals for the week every Sunday. It’s important to build time into your schedule for grocery shopping and meal prep.

When you’re buying groceries, turn your meal plan into a shopping list and make sure you stick to it. Try to avoid any aisles that are full of unhealthy snack items, especially if they tend to be your weakness. For example, if you crave chocolate, make sure you skip the candy aisle so you’re not tempted to buy something that’s not on your list.

6. Reward your achievements

You should monitor your weight loss daily, or at least weekly, to keep track of the progress you’re making. Whenever you reach a goal or notice a significant achievement, it’s important to reward yourself. This will make the journey more enjoyable, give you something to look forward to, and help you stay motivated.

Plan your rewards in advance, and what you need to achieve in order to receive them. You should focus on rewards that are not food and that will make you feel good. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on rewards, you can still plan an at-home spa day, or an afternoon at the local beach, or park.

7. Find inspiration

Finding success stories and other items that inspire you is a great way to stay motivated when things get tough. Seeing other people’s achievements can help you stay focused and keep going. Plus, seeing images of the body you want to achieve can help you remember your goals.

You can create a vision board using Pinterest or using bristol board and magazines. Find images of what you want to look like, and of things you want to do or wear once you achieve your goals. Include anything that represents why you want to lose weight.

For example, if you want more energy to play with your kids, then include a picture of them. If you want to fit into a sexy bikini for your next beach vacation, include a picture of the bikini and an image of the beach.

8. Get rid of temptation

A final way to stay motivated is to make sure there is as little temptation around you as possible. This means going through your fridge, freezer, and cupboards and throwing out anything that is unhealthy or not part of your meal plan.

Think of where you’re most likely to cheat and what your biggest cravings tend to be and make an effort to avoid those things. If your office break room always has sweets in it, can you plan to stay away from it? If not, can you ask your coworkers to move the sweets, or find other ways to stay strong around them?

Staying motivated is all about planning ahead and keeping your mindset focused on your goals. The better you can prepare for temptation, weakness, and any other bumps in the road, the better equipped you will be to stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals.

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