Weight Loss Success Stories

Megan’s weight loss journey

I have struggled with my weight over the past 10 years.
After having my second daughter who is now 10 years of age I progressively became more and more tired to the point of exhaustion. I started to put on weight and became so exhausted that going to the gym would leave me so tired I would sleep for hours during the day.
I started avoiding having my photo taken.
I had belonged to a gym all of my life and I felt so uncomfortable about my weight gain that l no longer wanted to go.
After years of weight fluctuation and severe lack of energy, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and a severe vitamin B12 deficiency which explained the past 10 years of struggle with my weight and energy.
I thought after starting my medication my weight would return to a normal range but it didn’t.
I come from a background in massage and natural health and had always been fit prior to this so I knew what to eat and how to exercise however nothing I tried was working.

While seeing our accountant he told me about hCG drops that he had great success so I ordered them that day!
I was so unbelievably happy when I started to feel and see results within the first few days.

My husband who had been a personal fitness trainer for 20 years couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
He didn’t think the drops would work but decided to support me and I was desperate to feel like myself again.

I had avoided weighing myself so I was afraid to look but committed to the process. I started at 78 kg.
I had probably been bigger at times but because I was too afraid to weigh myself I’m not sure how heavy I actually got.

I did 1 round ( 3 weeks ) and lost 12 kg. I then went on maintenance for a couple of months and did a second round (3 weeks) and lost an additional 6 kgs giving me a total weight loss of 18 kgs! I chose to split up my weight loss so I had the best chance of keeping it off. I have kept the weight off for almost a year although I do sometimes use the drops still if I put on a couple of kgs after a little overindulgence period such as Christmas and Easter.

I work in a physically demanding business within the building industry but I was still able to have enough energy to work. I didn’t eat anything fancy. I pretty much ate exactly the same thing every day as I was really busy and didn’t have the time to prepare different meals. Yes, it was a little boring but very effective and the only way I was able to stick to it.

I was actually never hungry which surprised me given how few calories I was taking in. I honestly haven’t felt this good in years and I’m back to my old self. I was back at the gym and got back into my running and recently completed my first marathon (virtual marathon).

Even tho it’s almost been a year I’m sharing my story now because it shows this is not just a “quick fix”.
I’ve maintained my weight loss and continue to feel happier and healthier.

I really couldn’t have done it without the jump-start the hCG drops gave me.
I have come from a background of natural health and have competed in natural bodybuilding so I knew how to train and what to eat but none of that worked for me until I started on the HCG programme.

I’m grateful to have discovered the hCG drops!
They literally gave me my life back!

Megan S. Pacific Pines, QLD
Age 42

Alison McGrath

To say I am blown away with my results is an understatement.
Having worked in the fitness industry for twenty plus years I’ve seen them all. So many ‘diets’ and needless to say I’ve tried many of them personally. Yes, some of these ‘diets’ I did lose some weight but like virtually every other person put that weight back on plus more.
Over the last few years a kilo (or more) had crept on but being tall I carried it well. My clothes were getting tight, then I had to start wearing my shirts out over skirts and blouses. Then the crunch, I literally had nothing to wear. I had gained 7 kilos and I remember feeling shocked. “How did I even let that happen?”
Some of you may be thinking pfffft 7 kilos, big deal. For me yes it was a big deal because no way was I going to consider buying a new wardrobe. I was feeling uncomfortable with a big tummy and midriff and the top of my legs would rub together when out running.
Yes, I’m a runner, in fact, I’m a qualified health and fitness professional but as the saying goes, “you cannot outrun a bad diet”. The kilo creep had finally caught up with me. All the milky coffees, the few biscuits at night, the banana bread when out for morning or afternoon tea – which was every other day.
Then I was introduced to Lynda and HCG.
I admit to being skeptical but went away and I did the research and HCG just made sense. Plus, as this was totally natural (and affordable) I figured I’d give it a go.
In my first fortnight, I lost 3.1 kilos. Seriously! I did not feel hungry and found the eating plan so easy to follow, I just had to be organised and think ahead if I was to be away from home. I had to cut my exercise right back which Lynda had recommended.
Lynda had also recommended I plan my HCG journey when I didn’t have any social commitments. If I had waited well, I still would be waiting so I just went straight ahead and started. I won’t say it was easy socially, but I did it.
My daughter’s birthday was a dinner at a restaurant, but I was determined. I ordered the smallest steak on the menu which was a 200-gram rump. I only ate half the steak along with the lettuce and tomato and put all the chips onto my nephew’s plate immediately. I left everything else on my plate and said no to birthday cake.
Another occasion was having to attend a high tea. I ate my lunch just before I left for the event so I wouldn’t be hungry. I packed a small container in my bag so I could take a couple of treats home for my family (that small container of ‘goodies’ just happens to still be in my freezer)! I asked for a glass of sparkling water when offered champagne on arrival and drank copious amounts of black tea at the table. It was fortunate that it was a reunion based on catching up with others with food just an afterthought. That certainly did make it easier for me.
There were other functions I went to also – it’s all in the pre-planning to reach success. I am a testament to the fact that if you truly want the results you can do it. No excuses. Of course, it would be so much easier to just stay away from those temptations – but sometimes there may be no choice but to attend.
Day 23 I stood on those scales and I was 7 kilos lighter. My clothes fitted perfectly, my shirts and blouses tucked in beautifully. The best part was that I felt so well. I hadn’t realised how that extra weight had been literally weighing me down health-wise.
I started the maintenance phase slowly adding different foods back into my eating plan and reintroducing my exercise plan. Slowly, slowly 1 more kilo melted away whilst in this phase. Those extra 7 kilos plus 1– gone!
It has now been 5 months since starting my HCG journey and my weight has not changed. Sure, I’ve fluctuated a few grams up and down at times, but I sit around 69 kilos. Being tall that is the perfect weight for me, and I do feel fabulous. No more milky coffees or copious amounts of bread – I don’t even miss it. In fact, the rare occasions I do have it I feel weighed down and bloated. I know now that it’s just not good for my health.
So if you are in your fifties, sixties or beyond don’t listen to those that say “you gain weight as you age, you can’t lose it, it’s just your hormones”. I am proof that you can lose those extra kilos and it is the deep fat that goes first. The unhealthy fat that sits around your organs. Dare I say it felt like the fat was just melting away.
I will say it again – I am blown away with my results.


Debra Lostroh

After glimpsing myself in a photo with my family 18 months ago, I was devastated to realise how overweight I was.  Years of indulging in whatever food took my fancy and only incidental exercise, the weight had crept on slowly, but the scales were topping at 82 kgs..

I wanted results so I started on the Weight Loss Success program. Initially I found the hCG program challenging, however with organization and planning, quite doable. The daily motivation of seeing the weight dropping, definitely helped keep me on track and the results were quite amazing.

I ended up loving the program so much and felt so fantastic on it, that I have restarted on another course of the hCG drops to shift the remaining 4kgs to reach my ideal weight for my height and also encourage my dear friend and colleague with her journey to lose those unwanted kilos. Today I weigh 57 kgs and am feeling fantastic.

Maria Mesaric

I used the hCG program when I wanted to shift some weight quickly, because of a health issue. The program was easy for me to maintain and I was really delighted with the results. I couldn’t help sharing my secret weapon, the hCG drops with all my friends and family.

My weight loss was about 9kgs in 30 days and I have definitely been able to keep it off. So happy!!!!.  26.8.13

Marcus Geeraets

Hi my name is Marcus and I am a yo-yo dieter. Does this sound familiar? It has been like this for about 14 years since the birth of my first child. I would put on a lot of weight then look for a short-term solution (about 4 months usually) to bring me back to an acceptable weight. Most programs have worked short term – Weight watchers, Tony Ferguson Shake programs, soup diets, Heart foundation diet – you get it.

I weighed myself on the 1st January 2013 and the scales tipped 123.5kgs, the most I have ever weighed. It was on my mind all the time, I was 46 years old, have a family of 3 children, work as an executive in the corporate finance industry and was not healthy. Even though I am tall I knew I was at least 33.kgs overweight.

It is now 5 months since I have started on the program with hCG drops and I have now lost 27.1kgs. More importantly I feel fantastic.. 26.8.13

John Flett

I returned from USA in December 2007 and was massively overweight at 138kgs and with my blood pressure through the roof at 212 over 108!! Heart attack and stroke material! I had a choice to either change my lifestyle or go on a cocktail of medications which would have killed me anyway, so I chose the non-drug option.

In 2013 I found the hCG program and with new found determination got started. With guidance and support and the hCG drops I followed the procedure as laid out in the comprehensive information kit. In phase 1, I went up two kgs in the first two days pigging out on good fats and then in phase 2, I was weighing myself every single day and I am thoroughly delighted to say that after following the program – it bloody works!! It really does as my tastes have changed and the old unhealthy patterns are gone for good! I am now at 96kgs – remember where I was? Yes that is a massive 42kgs less!!! My blood pressure is 120 over 82, and I am maintaining well. I have started a vigorous exercise program and am well on my way to achieving my next goal of 90kgs.

I was prepared to change and actually DID it!

If you are serious about your health and weight, you have come to the right place. Look no further and in the infamous words of the Nike ad Just Do It!! 29.6.13

Melinda Rose

I was looking forward to your hCG program even thought I knew it was going to be quite challenging, 500 calories a day……and homeopathic hCG drops, that’s it? To my amazement the program was very easy to stick to and when taking the drops you do not notice that you are only eating 500 calories. You never feel hungry like you haven’t had enough to eat; the reward was a lift in energy and positive frame of mind.

My original plan was to do 21 days on the program, but because I was feeling so good and was losing the weight, I decided to do 41 days.

The program has been a huge part of the successful weight loss from 84kg in August feeling tired and suffering with a low immune system to 67kg in November and feeling the healthiest in years.

I loved the program so much and the amazing change it can create to your well being on a long term basis, that I have recommended it to friends, who are now completing the program using the hCG drops with great success.

My personal top 3 would be:

Plan ahead – be organised know what you are going to have for lunch and dinner the day before. Cook 200g of protein and make 2 meals. Try something you think you don’t like if it’s on the list. I never ate asparagus before and now I can’t get enough of it.

Tell people – let people you know that you are doing the program and they will support you, no need not to be social.

Stick to it 100% – I have been lucky to maintain the same weight even now. Stick to the 500 calories with the WLS hCG drops and be diligent in the maintenance phase..

For anyone who wants to improve their health or just wants to lose some weight I would highly recommend the hCG program. Loved the support I received too.


Heidi Costello

For as long as I can remember I’ve thought that I was probably a bit chubby. But after an accident in 2004 I really packed on the weight as I couldn’t exercise at all. I had tried many diets, but nothing really worked well for me so I decided to accept my weight and be happy. That was until I saw an article on your hCG program. After gathering information on the program, I decided then and there, that this was my last-ditch effort. I would try this and give it my all and if it didn’t work, then I would just live with myself.

Well I was successful and despite some rocky days in the first week, I settled into the program well.

If there’s anything to keep you going on this diet, it’s watching the weight fall off and the scales go down. I can hear you thinking ‘yes, well anyone will lose weight if they eat that little in a day’, but I have tried the super low calorie thing before and, not only was I starving, but I didn’t get anywhere. I never found myself hungry while on your hCG drops. I also did not feel tired or lethargic and some days I felt so good that I wanted to go for a run!

In my 36-or-so days on the drops, I went from 81kg to 70.5kg. I haven’t been that weight since just before the car accident in 2004. To say I am pleased with myself would be an understatement.  I actually tried on my wedding dress one day last week. It swims on me. That was a bittersweet moment for me.

Whilst on holidays in Fiji, I loved lazing on a deck chair in a bikini and I am loving surprising myself by fitting into size 10 jeans and skirts. It’s an amazing feeling!


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