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HCG Diet Recipes

With each starter kit you will receive a link to download the complete Phase 2 and Phase 3 Recipe booklets.  You will also receive an invitation to join our closed Facebook group where even more recipes are available to you.

In this section you will find a number of healthy recipes which have been broken down to those suitable for Phase 2 and those that are suitable for Phase 3 of the hCG diet plan. In Phase 2, limiting your daily caloric intake is an important part of the weight loss program, but it doesn’t have to leave you hungry as your body receives all the calories it needs from your stored fat being released into the bloodstream. With the hCG drops and these recipes, you can stay feeling satisfied and energetic.

There is variety here for all palates. However, we urge you to try new things and to keep it simple whilst on Phase 2, the weight loss phase of the program..

HCG Calorie Limitations

With these weight loss recipes, you’ll learn how to stay within the required calorie limit. When preparing these recipes, it’s important to follow the directions as closely as possible because the dishes are designed to adhere to the hCG protocols. Measure and weigh your ingredients carefully, rather than eyeballing things as you cook.

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