About Us

Hello, and welcome to THE hCG DIET AUSTRALIA site.

The drops we sell are homeopathic, BioEnergetic and manufactured in Queensland.  They are packaged as “Weight Loss Success – The hCG Diet Australia”.

Our drops were born out of a passion to help everyone lose weight and regain their health. We are not just marketing a product to you that we shipped in from overseas, we are offering Australia’s premium product/program. And we guarantee that it will work for you!

We understand it can be difficult to decide which program to go with, which drops are genuine and which drops will provide you with the best results. Hopefully we can help you make the right decision.

Our drops are the particular drops used by Amy Sinclair the former editor of New Idea, and featured in two articles in New idea in 2013 and 2014. You may be interested in knowing that Amy is still the trim, taut and terrific 65 kilo woman you’ve seen in the articles!

We’re really committed to encouraging and teaching customers about the importance of the maintenance phase of the diet and then keeping the weight off long term.

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