Dieting Buddy Partners

The weight loss journey is full of challenges and having a dieting buddy to help you ride out the bumps is invaluable. It’s incredible how much we are influenced by the people around us. A motivated diet partner to share your HCG journey and provide support through the process sets up a social support system throughout this challenging weight loss journey and means you are accountable to someone.

Diet with a friend and you’re far more likely to achieve weight loss success:

– You won’t want to let them down
– You can discuss aspects of the diet together
– Share your biggest temptations and help each other to avoid them
– Discuss the main reasons you have gained weight
– Assist each other with meal planning, recipe ideas
– Set goals together
– Share successes and plan rewards together
– Call each other to check in and discuss highs and lows
– Eat out together

Weight loss motivation can be contagious and will help you lose weight faster and keep it off for longer. Joining one of our in-house Dieting Buddy Programs is another option – it means you can communicate online with like-minded people and receive daily motivational tips to help keep you on track.