How Every Man Can Reach Their Ideal Weight Without Giving Up Their Favourite Foods

Debunking Myths About Weight Management 

Written by Liza Brunell

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January 11, 2024

healthy diet plan to lose weight 

how to maintain weight without exercise 

I would like to begin by saying that this is a loaded title. What is one man’s favourite food may not be the next.  It’s easy to believe that many men would prefer to have a burger and beer over a plate of steak and vegetables however, after attending a recent seminar on health trends I’m no longer sure that this is the case. 

According to recent stats It seems that Men are now more than ever getting curious about how to improve their health and wellbeing.  Which is great news, because as we know these days, it’s not always easy to follow a healthy diet. There are so many fast food and junk food options out there, most of us will be tempted at some point to just give in to temptation, shrug, eat what we like, and leave health up to fate.  Obviously, this is not the best idea especially if we are looking to live healthier for longer. 

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Wellness, Men had higher rates of overweight and obesity than women (75% of men and 60% of women), and higher rates of obesity (33% of men and 30% of women). Making healthy weight management a priority for many men to reduce the risk of certain health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. 

So, how do you both find and follow a healthy diet plan to lose weight? 

Depending on your time and commitment The hCG Diet Australia has some great program options to get you on your way to losing and maintaining weight without exercise. 

I have also included some tips below that can be incorporated into a healthy diet plan to lose weight. 

Protein for Men 

Have protein with each meal (rule of thumb is a palm sized portion) with extra protein for snacks. The protein aids in keeping you fuller for longer which means that you are less likely to overeat, it also aids in balancing blood sugar levels. Snacks in the form of nuts (almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts) eggs, even cooked chicken legs are great alternatives to the sweeter snacks that we tend to reach for particularly when we are feeling tired and stretched. 

Healthy, protein-rich options include eggs; lean red meats; poultry; low-fat dairy foods, such as cottage cheese, nuts; and seeds. 

 Carbohydrates and Fat 

Although carbohydrates produce energy but be careful: Simple carbohydrates like sugar burn quickly, giving you a temporary energy boost. Whereby complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, burn more slowly providing energy over a longer period of time. Although many of us have been conditioned into thinking that you need carbs like rice, bread and potatoes to create this energy more nutritious, carbohydrate-containing foods can be found in vegetables, fruits, some legumes, nuts and seeds.  

Healthy fats are also a must in contributing to satiety and can be found in olive oil, fish oil, nuts, seeds, nut butters, olives and avocados. 

Eating right for men’s health means putting together a daily diet plan and being consistent in your choices. 

Men’s Health: Building a Healthy Diet plan to lose weight. 

Adding extra vegetables to your meals is a great tip when it comes to the how to’s of losing weight without feeling hungry. Always make sure that you have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from a variety of colours – think green, orange yellow, red and purple, and also try to target a maximum of 1-2 pieces of fruit a day preferably in the morning and filling your plate with a variety of vegetables during mealtimes. Your plate should be ¾ filled with vegetables along with a palm sized portion of protein. Having chopped vegetables as go to snacks is also a great option. The addition of this fibre expands the gut making you feel fuller for longer plus, some research suggests that approx. 25 grams of fibre a day has an impact on good gut bacteria that help to produce hormones in the gut that tell your brain you’ve had enough to eat.

Men following well-balanced meal plans likely get all the vitamins and minerals they need daily. However, due to reductions in the nutrients in our soil, poor farming practices and an overabundance of pesticides on our produce it is worthwhile considering some key nutrients.

Calcium is an important nutrient for the aging population, including men, to help prevent osteoporosis.  

Vitamin D is the most common deficiency which has affected over a billion people in the world, the global pandemic has also added to this crisis as people couldn’t go out of their house and fulfil their daily vitamin D requirements by exposing their skin to sunlight. 

Good food sources of vitamin D include eggs and fatty fish such as salmon.   

It can be best met through direct exposure to sunlight or by consumption of key Vitamin D rich foods. 

This fatty acid is naturally present in our foods. However, the rise in consumption of processed foods has created a gap in its intake and surged the levels of Omega 6s in our body. 

These two fatty acids are needed in equal quantities to be benefiting us the most. The deficiency of one has disrupted the balance, causing chronic diseases like heart diseases, arthritis and cancer. 

Fish and nuts are a direct source of Omega 3 and may help in maintaining brain and heart health as well as being responsible for improving muscle recovery. After several weeks of making these changes you may find that foods that were once your favourite foods are no longer and have instead been replaced by healthier more nutrient dense foods. 

 In addition to these dietary tips try to move more throughout the day, think of ways that you can become more active by making exercise a habit. I regularly get up early to exercise most mornings and more recently have actively been trying to work more movement into my day. It is easy to get caught up behind the computer answering emails and sitting for most of the day when at work. This I feel adds to my muscular soreness particularly my shoulders and neck. Whereby, if I stop early afternoon to stretch, I feel so much better both physically and mentally. Giving me the focus needed to continue with my workday. For you it may mean eating lunch then heading off for a walk or stretching in front on the television at night. 

 Manage stress, when our bodies are stressed, hormones like cortisol may increase your appetite which can ultimately lead to weight gain particularly belly fat. De-stress, using techniques like mindfulness which may assist in helping you to manage annoying cravings. Managing stress will also assist with sleep, when you are low on sleep it is often easy to reach for foods high in calories to give you a quick pick up of energy which then interferes with your ability to sleep. When you are not sleeping enough levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin increase and levels of leptin the fullness hormone decreases, this is why we often talk about the importance of getting enough sleep when you are trying to lose and maintain weight. Start by establishing a time to stop eating as this will prevent mindless eating or snacking while watching television. Substitute the need to eat something with a herbal tea or water if you are looking to replace a habit of snacking after dinner. 

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Liza Brunell

Adv Dip Health Science Naturopathy,

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