What is hCG?

The hCG diet combines diet drops with a low-calorie eating plan for fast weight reduction. 23 and 42 day programs are available.

This unique program allows dieters to safely maximise their weight loss without experiencing the hunger pangs and cravings that are typical of normal dieting, to ensure maximum results.  The program has been in existence for over 60 years and includes decades of thorough research. It was created by Dr A.T.W. Simeons, a doctor with clinics throughout Europe who perfected the hCG diet program after decades of research and thousands of patients. You can find out more by reading Dr Simeons’ manuscript, Pounds and Inches – A New Approach to Obesity. >> click here to download the pdf

The hCG Diet is broken up over three phases:

• Phase I

2 days duration – The ‘Loading’ Phase

Commence taking the drops 3 times a day.

  • Drink 2-3 litres water
  • Get a little exercise every day
  • Follow the recommended hCG eating plan for Phase 1
  • Eat lots of healthy fats such as atlantic salmon, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, seeds and coconut oil
  • These foods combined with the hCG drops help to establish the fat burning process

• Phase II

21 or 40 days duration – The ‘500 Calorie-a-Day’ Phase

For those who want to lose considerable amounts of weight, the 40-day program is recommended.

Continue taking the drops 3 times a day.

  • Drink 2-3 litres water
  • Exercise should be kept to a minimum
  • Follow the recommended hCG eating plan for Phase II
  • This part of the diet offers specific choices of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits
  • In this phase there is NO FAT included whatsoever
  • At the end of this phase, you stop taking the drops and continue with the low-calorie diet for an additional 2 days to get the drops out of your system.

• Phase III

21 or 40 days duration – The ‘Maintenance’ Phase

  • Arguably the most important phase of the diet, this will set your new weight point to help protect against weight rebounding.
  • Start to increase your exercise.
  • Follow the recommended hCG eating plan for Phase III
  • No sugar/artificial sweeteners and no starches
  • Continue this phase for the same number of days that you worked through phase II, i.e. 21 days on your drops then 21 days on maintenance, 40 days on your drops, then 40 days on maintenance.
  • Examples of the foods that are not allowed on this phase of the diet include fast foods, sodas, cereals, pasta and trans fats

The diet can be repeated after finishing the maintenance phase, if you wish.


Who is the hCG diet suitable for?

The hCG diet is suitable for everyone over 18 years of age, with the few exceptions detailed below.

The hCG Diet is effective for:

  • Both male and females
  • People who wish to lose weight without exercise
  • Anyone wishing to lose weight quickly and safely for a special event
  • Women who are looking for menopause weight loss options
  • Women wishing to lose weight with a product that doesn’t affect hormone replacement therapy.
  • Anyone wishing to lose weight to improve their overall health
  • Those wishing to lose abnormal fat quickly and effectively
  • The program is perfect for those who enjoy dieting with a friend
  • Anyone wishing to lose weight with support every step of the way
  • Men tend to have incredible success on this program, losing more kilograms than women in the same amount of time.


Lose weight without exercise

Exercise can be difficult when you have a physical injury, illness or time constraints. And it’s hard to stay motivated to eat healthy when you can’t work out. Thank goodness there is a diet you can do that works well WITHOUT exercise.

You CAN lose weight without exercise or if you have a sedentary lifestyle. Although it is recommended to undertake physical activity once phase 2 of the diet is complete – if you can.

Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and usually critical in a weight loss effort as you need to burn more calories than consumed to use the body’s fat deposits as fuel. The hCG program however, enables you to clean out your diet, get used to smaller portion sizes, and access the abnormal fat that is the hardest type of fat to lose.


Lose weight during Menopause

Menopause or the ‘change of life’ as it is otherwise known, usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age but this can certainly vary. Some of the symptoms of menopause include fatigue, hot flushes, mood swings, night sweats, depression, low libido, insomnia and weight gain.

Most women experience weight gain during menopause, especially around the tummy. The ovaries stop making oestrogen resulting in the storage of excess body fat, particularly in the abdominal area. Menopausal women can also experience a shift of fat in the body creating a muffin top. Women entering this stage of life can complain of being 10 kilograms heavier out of nowhere, without eating any differently. This is usually due to the hormonal changes outlined above.

Many women who have been through menopause try a variety of diets, finding it really tough to lose weight. They then go on to have success on the HCG! Not only does HCG assist in menopause weight loss, it can also help to provide relief from other menopausal symptoms such as fatigue. Losing weight means the risk of various weight related disease is minimised. Many women choose to do the HCG while on hormone replacement therapy.


Lose weight to improve your health

Being overweight is a significant risk factor for chronic disease. Unhealthy behavioural choices, genetics and medications can all cause weight gain. When the body is overloaded with fat, toxins are stored in this fat causing hormone and blood sugar imbalances and inflammation. Chronic health conditions such as heart disease, cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis and asthma are likely to result.

The HCG diet can aid substantial weight loss without exercise – which can be the boost chronic disease sufferers need after struggling to lose weight. It’s a great kickstart into a healthy diet of good nutrition and exercise. Losing abnormal fat reduces visceral fat, the fat between organs and allows the body to function better.

Doctors and health providers regularly recommend patients lose weight to improve health. Many health care professionals have patients who’ve experienced great success on hcg, putting them on track to further weight loss and better health. Apart from the weight loss benefits, hcg can also assist in better regulating appetite to help change habits for life and improve metabolism.

A lower risk of chronic illness is one of the great health benefits of the program and it

may even reduce pre-diabetic symptoms. People typically feel lighter and more agile.


Lose weight for an upcoming event

Are you getting married?

Want to lose a few kilos before your wedding?

Want to look amazing in your wedding photos?

Feeling overwhelmed trying to fit in weight loss as well as everything else you’ve got to do?

The hCG diet Australia is a quick wedding weight loss diet with proven success. It is a program that will help you get slimmer even if you have left it till the last month before your wedding!

“Losing weight is on the minds of most brides-to-be”

Getting into shape has become such an important part of wedding preparations. After all, every bride deserves to look and feel her best on what is one of the most important days of her life.

The last thing you want is to arrive at your wedding day feeling insecure and unhappy with how you look. Us women know we are much happier when we are feeling good about ourselves! Wouldn’t you rather feel confident and in great shape, knowing that compliments will be coming your way?

“Most brides-to-be say looking good on the wedding day is so important… for the wedding photos”

If you haven’t had the chance to look after yourself with all the wedding planning you’ve had to do and are feeling anxious about your wedding photos because you know you’re not looking your best, then look no further.

The hCG diet Australia can solve your problems, with two program options – depending on how much time you have, and how much weight you have to lose.

Only a few weeks to go till the big day?

Our 23 day starter kit is just what you need. Not only will you achieve your ultimate goal of being slimmer for your wedding (average weight loss is 5-8 kilos), you should also start feeling more energetic and clear headed. Yes the first couple of days will probably be a challenge as you may experience a headache and feel a little lethargic, especially if you have had alot of sugar in your diet. After that however, you will have a reduced appetite and the noticeable weight loss will be worth it! You could even do the program with one of your bridesmaids or a family member for support and motivation.

Got a couple of months or more to go until the wedding?

Our 40 day program is great if you have more time on your hands, or more kilos to shift (average weight loss is 10-15 kilos). You can even repeat the program after a break so that you gradually lose more excess weight.

So if your to do list has looked a bit like this from the start:

Invitations, venue, food, dress, flowers… lose weight... And you’re stressing about how to tick it off, let the HCG diet  help!


Lose weight with a friend

The weight loss journey is full of challenges and having a dieting buddy to help you ride out the bumps is invaluable. It’s incredible how much we are influenced by the people around us. A motivated diet partner to share your HCG journey and provide support through the process sets up a social support system throughout this challenging weight loss journey and means you are accountable to someone.

Diet with a friend and you’re far more likely to achieve weight loss success:

– You won’t want to let them down

– You can discuss aspects of the diet together

– Share your biggest temptations and help each other to avoid them

– Discuss the main reasons you have gained weight

– Assist each other with meal planning, recipe ideas

– Set goals together

– Share successes and plan rewards together

– Call each other to check in and discuss highs and lows

– Eat out together

Weight loss motivation can be contagious and will help you lose weight faster and keep it off for longer. Joining one of our in-house Dieting Buddy Programs is another option – it means you can communicate online with like-minded people and receive daily motivational tips to help keep you on track.


Weight loss for Men

Men ask us all the time if they can do the HCG diet. The answer is a resounding YES! The HCG Diet is a safe method of weight loss for men. Men can be hesitant to to try the HCG diet once they learn that this hormone is produced on a large scale during pregnancy. But you can be assured our diet drops are not going to affect your masculinity.

One of the areas men tend to have a problem with is their mid-section or belly. Commonly known as the ‘middle aged spread’, ‘spare tyre’, or ‘love handles’! This layer of abdominal fat is a serious health issue and can be linked to a number of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure amongst other illnesses.

Some men tend to make poor lifestyle choices such as drinking soft drink, eating fast food regularly and living a sedentary lifestyle. This results in hormone imbalances and testosterone decline. Slowing metabolism is another side effect of an unhealthy lifestyle apparent in both men & women. This strongly affects weight loss ability.

Men who might like to consider the HCG:

– Have excess body fat

– Have tried diet and exercise to lose weight but it just hasn’t worked

– Have considered surgical treatment for weight loss and want to give dieting one last go

Our diet drops can be a fabulous solution for men who want to lose weight. Surprisingly, men tend to have more success with the HCG program losing weight even faster than women.

Men are likely to experience similar side effects to women – some headaches and withdrawal symptoms from not consuming sugar. Our diet drops do not contain real hormone, they are a homeopathic formula that mimics the hormone.

As always, speak to your doctor before commencing the program if you have any concerns.


Who is the hCG diet NOT suitable for?

  • The diet is to be strictly avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • The program is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years.

People with a medical condition should seek advice from their GP or health practitioner prior to commencing any diet.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions relating to hCG Diets, hCG weight loss recipes or hCG Diet Drops for Weight Loss, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.