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If you are excited about your own success using The hCG Diet Australia program and are willing to share your story and photos, then we want to reward you.

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We are looking for all types of people who have achieved results using The hCG Diet Australia program. Maybe you are just starting out and in only three weeks you have lost 5 to 7 kilos. Or you have lost 7 to 12 kilos and now fit into that special outfit you’ve been dying to wear to a special event. Or maybe you’ve turned your life around with an even greater 20 plus kilo weight loss. Either way, we want to hear your story and reward you.


To be rewarded, you’ll need to find a clear before and after photo showing the weight loss you have achieved and also write 250 words if possible, explaining your weight-loss journey using The hCG Diet Australia program. We can change your name and crop your photo if you wish to remain anonymous.

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