Maxine and Liza are our experienced qualified naturopaths, who have a real passion to empower others to create healthy lives for themselves and their families, using healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  They are keen to extend their knowledge and love for their personally researched and selectively chosen, premium products, along with their exciting proven ‘weight loss success’ hCG program for others to enjoy.

For years they have been working with hundreds of clients suffering with a myriad of different health issues and found that by supporting them in losing weight, many of their health issues seemingly resolve themselves as they lose body fat.

That was their objective – “helping clients shed their excess kilos whilst supporting their body’s own innate healing system to take care of other health issues”.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Unfortunately they knew through years of experience, for most people, getting the weight loss happening, wasn’t that simple!!

A previously held belief is that as long as you eat less and exercise more you will lose weight; you know the old calories in versus calories out adage. However this myth has been seriously debunked as many people trying desperately to lose stubborn body fat will verify. This is due to the many factors that can influence a person’s ability to lose weight. A few examples are stress, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, especially hypothyroid dysfunction, toxicity or inflammation. These can be major roadblocks for someone trying to lose weight. Maxine and Liza felt their frustration!

They were seeing so many people who had tried absolutely everything and who had spent a fortune in their endeavours. One client’s husband told them could have bought a car with the money they had spend in the last 18 months, desperately trying to find the answers to his wife’s obesity issues and help her lose some weight.

Have you heard the terms ‘What works for one individual may not necessarily work for another’  ‘there is no one size fits all’?  That was true until now!

When Maxine and Liza were first introduced to the hCG program as practicing naturopaths, they were quite sceptical, it sounded too good to be true.  However as the results started rolling in from their colleagues they decided to try it themselves. Supported by the enormous amounts of positive feedback they were getting from clients, and their own delightful results, they became hooked.

Word spread fast and they are consistently seeing people who have had major struggles with losing weight, some for most of their lives, and within days of committing to the program the fat starts peeling away.  No matter how much weight they needed to lose, it was coming off for each and every one of them.  This rapid fat loss is making a huge impact on their clients’ lives; not only by improving their health, but by improving their self-esteem as well as their energy levels.

Can you imagine how excited they were? Seeing hundreds of people transforming their lives, when they had given up hope it could ever happen for them.  Their vision is to encourage and support as many people as possible in their weight loss and health endeavours.

So, if you think our hCG program could help you become the person that you have always dreamed of being, take the first step, you won’t be disappointed, we guarantee!!!

Like to hear more about the results from people just like you? Many are so delighted with their results they have sent us photos and their stories – so check them out.

Original article written by Maxine Wright and Liza Brunell.
Maxine Wright, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Weight Loss Coach ANTA Reg. 4226 (Adv Dip Health Sciences)
Liza Brunell, Naturopath (Adv Dip Health Sciences, Naturopathy)