What are hCG drops?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG is a hormone that becomes naturally elevated in pregnant women. Its purpose is to control metabolic function through the hypothalamus throughout the pregnancy process. However, some 50 years ago Dr. Simeons discovered its benefits in weight loss management. Over the years various forms of hCG have been found to be useful in achieving and maintaining ideal weight.

When we began to research the different forms of hCG products and how effective they were at kick-starting the body’s metabolism and fat burning processes, we went to work with leading chemists to create a safe formula that would produce spectacular results, used in conjunction with the original dietary protocol designed by Dr Simeons.

What we came up with are our BioEnergetic hCG drops also known as “Weight Loss Success” homeopathic hCG. This formula works as a very effective rapid fat metaboliser, tricking the body to breakdown and metabolise fat cells just like the original hCG injectable hormone. We combine these premium, sublingual (under the tongue) drops with the original Dr Simeons dietary system. Our drops are manufactured to our specific formula in an exclusive homeopathic laboratory in Brisbane.

How does it work?

Our hCG drops work in a similar way to that of the hormone hCG – they break down abnormal fat stores and allow them to be burned up to keep the body functioning well, even though there are only 500 calories ingested, your body can utilise the stored calories released by your fat cells.

Our drops are referred to as a BioEnergetic formula and keep your appetite in check. Taking the drops ensures you are able to adhere to the diet, which would otherwise be near impossible. This winning combination means this diet may be the most successful diet you have ever used.

We are seeing and hearing about how our diet drops and hCG program are helping thousands of Australians achieve their health and weight loss goals. The program may be challenging, strict and require discipline but the result is worth the effort.

What do I get when I buy a hCG Starter kit?

  • 1 bottle of Drops (30ml or 50ml depending on program chosen)
  • Printed brochure covering all aspects of the protocol. Including:
    • Meal Plan
    • Diet Summary
    • Allowable foods with caloric values
  • Link to download the Phase 2 recipes ebook
  • Link to download the Phase 3 recipes e-book
  • Printed tracker to record weight loss & measurements
  • Personal support provided when you need guidance and motivation
  • Access to our VIP closed Facebook hCG support group

Our Product Guarantee

If you are committed and determined to shed your extra weight, our program is designed to give you a new you, FAST! So that you can be assured you are buying a quality product, we are happy to provide a product guarantee.

If you will commit to the program 100%, absolutely no cheating, and do not lose a minimum of 4 kg in 23 days, you can return the product for a full refund.

We believe wholeheartedly in the potency and effectiveness of our BioEnergetic hCG drops and want you to feel confident in our products.

Before you leave our site – check out some of the testimonials. And finally, no matter how successful the hCG diet drops and program has become, it is not for everyone. Take the time to research and find the best diet or program that is right for you.