Hello, and welcome to THE hCG DIET AUSTRALIA website and blog.

We are an official distributor of the “Weight Loss Success with hCG drops” and our new website will make it easy for you to purchase the drops online, and to receive information, tips and recipes throughout your weight loss journey.

We understand it can be difficult to decide which hCG program to go with, which drops are genuine, which drops will provide you with the best results. What ingredients should be included and which should be left out.

Hopefully we can help you make the right decision.

Our hCG drops are the ones that were actually used by Amy Sinclair and featured in the two articles in New idea both last year and this year.

We know other companies are using our articles and taking credit for them, so, it gets confusing. You may also be interested in knowing that Amy is still the trim, taut and terrific 65 kilo woman you’ve seen in the articles.

We’re really committed to encouraging and teaching customers about the importance of the maintenance phase of the diet and then keeping the weight off long term.

Our hCG drops work every time and we guarantee that if the program is followed correctly, that our customers will lose 5 – 8 kilos in 21 days.

Obviously the results get better if you chose the 40 day program.

Our drops use are used and preferred by most health care practitioners throughout Australia. Practitioners will always use a product they can rely on when prescribing to their patients.

They are manufactured to our specific formula in an exclusive homeopathic laboratory in Brisbane. We use the tried and tested Dr. Simeons original dietary protocol, which is why our results are so amazing.

We are the only hCG business that can offer our customers professional naturopathic support to help you achieve the very best results stress free.