HCG Weight Loss for Men

Why men should consider the HCG Diet

Men ask us all the time if they can do the HCG diet. The answer is a resounding YES! The HCG Diet is a safe method of weight loss for men. Men can be hesitant to to try the HCG diet once they learn that this hormone is produced on a large scale during pregnancy. But you can be assured our diet drops are not going to affect your masculinity.

One of the areas men tend to have a problem with is their mid-section or belly. Commonly known as the ‘middle aged spread’, ‘spare tyre’, or ‘love handles’! This layer of abdominal fat is a serious health issue and can be linked to a number of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure amongst other illnesses.

Some men tend to make poor lifestyle choices such as drinking soft drink, eating fast food regularly and living a sedentary lifestyle. This results in hormone imbalances and testosterone decline. Slowing metabolism is another side effect of an unhealthy lifestyle apparent in both men & women. This strongly affects weight loss ability.

Men who might like to consider the HCG:

– Have excess body fat
– Have tried diet and exercise to lose weight but it just hasn’t worked
– Have considered surgical treatment for weight loss and want to give dieting one last go

Our diet drops can be a fabulous solution for men who want to lose weight. Surprisingly, men tend to have more success with the HCG program losing weight even faster than women.

Men are likely to experience similar side effects to women – some headaches and withdrawal symptoms from not consuming sugar. Our diet drops do not contain real hormone, they are a homeopathic formula that mimics the hormone.

As always, speak to your doctor before commencing the program if you have any concerns.