The Benefits hCG drops can have on your lifestyle.

Written by Liza Brunell

Adv Dip Health Science Naturopathy, Nutrition          Hi there, my name is Liza, I am a Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist from Brisbane, Queensland. And I’m here to show you how easy good nutrition and healthy living can be.

May 29, 2020

It is hard to believe that a small glass bottle of homeopathic diet drops can make such a huge impact on your lifestyle and wellbeing.  Yet in my opinion the hCG diet drops and program do just that. If the program is completed properly it has the ability to set you up for a lifetime of improved eating habits and routines, it will teach you that less is more and how to debunk all of the myths that you have learned over the years surrounding food, food portioning, and food pertaining to exercise.  Let us look at how the diet drops work and how they can change your health and your life for the better.

The hCG diet & diet drops make The hCG Australia program different from other weight loss programs available because the hCG diet drops are known to boost your metabolism (the process your body uses to make and burn energy from food). You rely on your metabolism to breathe, think, digest, circulate blood, keep you warm in the cold, and stay cool in the heat. It is believed that by raising your metabolism you burn more calories increasing weight loss.

How Can The hCG Diet Work For Me?

Generally, when you take in less calories than your body burns, the body responds by slowing down your metabolism and starts storing fat.  The hCG diet drops assists your body in metabolising these stubborn fat stores to keep you energised and satiated while stripping away this stored fat leading to overall weight loss.  So, what does this have to do with improving your lifestyle….

Everything, as weight loss on the hCG diet is of course an attractive side effect of the program however, there are also several other benefits of weight loss that will set you up for a far healthier future.

Over the years research has shown that by maintaining a healthy body weight through good dietary choices and exercise that you are also more likely to Improve Your Mental health and reduce the incidence of depression and anxiety. 

When carrying extra weight exercising significantly impacts your joints and cardiovascular system which results in pain and shortness of breath. When you start shedding excess stored fat you will find that exercise becomes easier, making it a fun and energising experience, not a drudgery. 

Embarking on a regular exercise routine which is strongly encouraged during phase 3 of the hCG Diet Australia program, you not only reduce anxiety levels, and increase endorphins (feel good hormones), but you can also improve the length and quality of your sleep, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation thereby reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

How Will It Help My Lifestyle?

The hCG diet drops and program reduce the average person’s sugar consumption considerably, sugar and high carbohydrate foods wreak havoc with your blood sugar regulation.  This often takes the form of energy high’s & low’s experienced throughout the day (yes, the 3pm slump which has you looking for a caffeine or sugar hit) to give you a much-needed boost.  By cutting the sugar and regulating blood sugar levels these daily energy slumps will stop and furthermore will contribute to a better night’s sleep. 

Being overweight also contributes to a myriad of diseases and conditions including increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, increased joint and muscle pain and an increased risk of certain types of cancers.  When weight sits around your mid-section this type of visceral fat is a contributing factor to metabolic syndrome (a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes). Visceral fat also impacts several vital organs, including the liver, stomach, and intestines making it extremely dangerous as it puts pressure on these organs. This type of hard white fat is generated by consuming too many of the wrong calories and leading a sedentary lifestyle.   To know if you are at risk of metabolic syndrome the guidelines for men, are a waist circumference of 94 centimetres or more indicates an increased risk of chronic disease and a measurement of 102 centimetres or more indicates a higher increased risk of chronic disease.

For women, a waist circumference of 80 centimetres or more indicates an increased risk of chronic disease and a measurement of 88 centimetres or more indicates a higher increased risk of chronic disease.

If you have ever experienced pain, particularly for lengthy amounts of time you will know that it significantly impacts your mental health and your physical health. Losing weight means that there is much less pressure on your joints and with additional strength training you can build and strengthen muscles aiding in the reduction of muscle pain and tension.  One of the biggest advantages of the hCG drops and protocol is that it is an anti-inflammatory diet, during the program you will notice pain reducing as inflammation leaves the body.

Reducing weight also positively impacts menstrual cycles by regulating high androgen levels, this is noticeable particularly in conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which negatively impacts fertility in many women. Oestrogen also tends to accumulate in fatty tissue contributing to heavy periods, breast tenderness and PMD, in reducing fat stores these unwanted symptoms are noticeably reduced and will last for shorter periods of time in the lead up to menstruation. Research has also shown that by slimming down you can also help ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and therefore a healthy baby.

You may also notice that losing weight can assist in the bedroom in several different ways.  Firstly, improved body confidence can make you feel better in the bedroom. Now that you have more energy and feel more positive about your body this can lead to having better sex and endurance to help keep up with the physical demands of having sex.  Improved health and lower body weight also positively impact arousal issues in both men and women, and strengthens libido leading to a more active sex life.  Having an active sex life can also reduce the risk of depression, keep you physically active and prolong your life.

Lastly, Imagine having food freedom – after successfully completing the program you may notice you’re your priorities have changed, going out and drinking or going to restaurants and ordering takeout may once have been a priority for you, however, this lifestyle puts significant pressure on your will power and your health. Experiencing a freedom from food will allow for new priorities to take over, they may include you being more focused at work, making healthier options when eating out with family and friends, meeting at the park and going for a walk instead of heading off to the pub for lunch. Maybe it means that you have more time to spend with the people that you love and to be actively present in their company. Whatever it is for you I am sure by now you can understand how the hCG diet drops & program can make a huge positive impact on your life.


Liza Brunell

Adv Dip Health Science Naturopathy, Nutrition

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