Written by Maxine Wright

        After many decades as a practicing Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist and weight loss coach in South East Queensland, Maxine recently sold her clinic and is now enjoying retirement.

March 9, 2015

Many women face the dilemma of how to lose weight after menopause.

It is a time of life, where it just seems impossible to shift unsightly fat that has slowly crept up on our bodies.  Many women are unhappy of feeling tired and overweight, and some just find exercising a chore.  If you want to lose your menopausal weight gain, and do a program that actually works, then try The hCG Diet Australia, our affordable weight loss system with proven, visible results.

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Perhaps we should have titled our blog ‘How to lose weight’ when struggling with any number of health challenges such as Menopause, PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Hypothyroidism, Auto-immune, Chronic Stress, Medication use, Hormonal Imbalance and depression? One of the reasons is that along with menopause one or several of the above issues could be adding to your weight loss frustration. Through years of clinical experience, we know how very effective our hCG diet is and that it will work for you despite your previous struggles. We have so many happy, healthy clients who are happy to say our hCG diet program changed their lives for the better. The key to your success is that you must keep strictly to the simple program. We have seen the fantastic results time and time again.

So for the sake of this blog, let’s talk about losing weight during and after MENOPAUSE specifically. As you already know menopausal weight loss is tricky because you are fighting huge hormonal changes that slow your body’s ability to shed weight and or body fat. Oestrogen levels are declining and this affects the distribution of body fat. We suddenly see abdominal fat where previously there was tone and shape.

Supporting our body’s ability to calm and support these hormonal issues is one of the most beneficial aspects of the hCG diet and weight loss drops. Most women comment that along with their weight loss they experience a brighter outlook, more energy, less to no hot flushes and better-quality sleep.

Many, many menopausal women face the dilemma of trying to lose weight with little success. This changing time in a woman’s life can be challenging enough emotionally and physically with out the added pressure of a ballooning waistline etc. However, we are delighted to give you the answer to abdominal fat and shrinking muscle mass, that will WORK for you.

If you are honestly unhappy with feeling tired and overweight, and just cannot find the motivation to continue exercising with no results, then the hCG diet Australia’s program is your answer. It is affordable with quick visible results to keep you motivated and you get to eat real food.

What is THE hCG DIET AUSTRALIA and how does it work to shed stubborn post-menopausal weight?

  1. The weight loss program is made up of our unique bioEnergetic homeopathic hCG weight loss drops and used in conjunction with a low calories balanced diet. Together they create a fat burning effect to facilitate the shedding of that unsightly belly fat once and for all.
  2. The hCG diet drops are simply dropped under your tongue three times a day (no nasty taste). They go to work to help you feel satisfied even on your low-calorie diet. Homeopathy has been used around the world for hundreds of years and we often hear about the Queen of England and her family rely heavily on the health benefits of homeopathic medicines.
  3. The diet we use was actually made famous some 60 years ago by Dr Simeons. It is real food consisting of protein, veggies, fruit and a little carbohydrate that you combine to prepare the meals in your kitchen. Full instructions on the program are included along with a recipe book etc.

The results of the hCG diet combined with the diet drops provide rapid fat burning whilst protecting lean muscle, which can be problematic with many diets, especially post menopause. Many women are delighted with the ability to continue to build and define lean muscle mass during the maintenance phase of the program. Continuing after the weight loss phase of the program, with a clean diet rich in proteins, healthy fats and heaps of fresh vegetables/fruit combined with regular exercise is the key. A full maintenance manual is also provided.

We know you have probably tried many diets and honestly, we understand your resistance to try one more, but just do it!!!! You will be so glad you found the answer to slimness after menopause.

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