HCG Dieting Tips

Try to purchase the freshest ingredients available when shopping for your meal plan. If you are purchasing anything prepared or packaged, read labels carefully, so you know exactly what you’re getting and be aware of the calorific, sugar and fat content.

As successful hCG dieters have mentioned in the testimonials, it helps to plan in advance with this weight loss protocol. First, make a plan for the week, and write down all the ingredients you need for your healthy food recipe. Don’t skimp on seasonings; these additions make the recipes much more flavorful and add depth to the food, which your palate will appreciate. Elements like spices, herbs, lime juice, fresh garlic add welcome punch to these dishes.

Once you have your groceries purchased, take some time to prep your food in advance by chopping vegetables and dividing up your protein sources as required by weight. Many hCG dieters advocate cooking two or more portions in advance. This way, you’ll always have something ready to cook and eat, so you won’t be tempted to stray from the approved menu.

You aren’t limited to just preparing chicken or salads in advance. Try making sauces and salad dressings in a batch and ladling them into little containers. They’ll be ready to go on nights when you’re in a hurry to eat or when you’re too tired to do much kitchen work — anything that helps you stay on the protocol  is advantageous.

What You Need To Assist Your HCG Diet

Think about what you may need to adhere to your diet at work or away from home. Invest in some portable containers and take a look at which recipes likely travel well. Soups, stuffed tomatoes, and salads are all perfect meals for homemade takeaway.

When eating with others, you won’t have to give up on your hCG diet if you do a bit of planning in advance. If eating at home with family who are not dieting, consider making a meal like a salad or soup as your main course and the family’s appetizer.

In general, whilst on the hCG diet, it’s best if you can avoid restaurants. If you can’t get out of a business meeting or other event, eat your meal at home before leaving, so you’ll be satiated when you go out. Once at the restaurant on a full stomach, enjoy a mineral water or cup of herbal tea with the others. If possible, try to get your group to meet at a location where they can eat off the menu while you enjoy an hCG recipe brought from home.

Are you doing the hCG weight loss plan with a partner or friends? Why not cook together and make it fun? Or divide up the cooking, so on one night you do the honors, and on the next night it’s your turn to be pampered.

To make the hCG diet even more agreeable, consider investing in a few kitchen utensils or small appliances to make it easier to prepare your weight loss recipes. A countertop grill or an immersion blender will come in handy when it’s time to make lean fish dishes or tasty soups.

You can also make your hGC Diet meals more appealing by serving them in a pleasant way. Break out the nice linen, use a pretty plate, and work on your presentation skills. A few candles and some flowers enhance the look of the natural hCG healthy recipes, too.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink the litres of water required by the diet, and keep a water bottle with you, so you don’t forget. Water will not only help stave off hunger, it will help you digest your food better, and it’s vital for your organs, skin, and joints.