hCG Health Questions

Will the hCG dietary drops interfere with any medications I am currently taking?

There are no contraindications with commonly prescribed medications for chronic medical conditions.


Should I stop my pharmaceutical medications while I am on the dietary system?

You should never stop your medications unless advised by a competent medical professional.


What about birth control pills or Depo-Provera injections?

The hCG dietary drops do not interact with any type of birth control pills or hormone replacement.  Though some HRT may slow down the weight loss.


Can I do the hCG Diet Australia program if I’ve had a hysterectomy?



Should I stop my vitamins while taking the dietary drops?

Dr Simeons noted that with fat resorption, other available vitamins and minerals are recycled. However in our modern day world with its toxic challenges and soil depletion, we recommend essential support such as digestive enzymes, probiotics, B group vitamins and B12, amongst some others. These assist your digestion and metabolism during the program. Liver support will be important in some cases. Refer to the section “Recommended Support Products” in your information book for further details. Note that low quality vitamins may interfere with the rate of weight loss, especially synthetic nutrients or if they contain hidden sugars or oils.


How does the hCG Diet Australia affect cholesterol levels?

Cholesterol levels will fluctuate. There exists a great deal of emerging evidence to question the entrenched pharmaceutical and medical position on the value of cholesterol markers in the blood, however the majority of our clients find their cholesterol levels improve according to standard ranges.


Will the hCG Diet Australia help my high blood pressure?

Many of our clients experience decreased blood pressure readings during the program.


Can I continue using my antidepressant medications if I do the hCG Diet Australia?



Can I continue using my anxiety medications when following the hCG Diet Australia?



If I don’t have a regular menstrual cycle will the hCG Diet Australia affect that?

Some patients have experienced changes, even normalisation, to their menstrual cycle while on the program. These changes usually resolve after completing the program. Long-term benefits can be maintained with adherence to your lifetime strategies.

Should I discontinue my thyroid medications while completing the hCG Diet Australia?

No pharmaceutical drugs should not be stopped without medical advice. Thyroid medication should be taken first thing in the morning and it is best to wait at least one hour before using your drops.

I have such dry skin, what do you recommend during phase 2 of the hCG Diet Australia?

This is common in the early stages of phase 2. Use Jojoba Oil and If your skin is still excessively dry, organic coconut oil may improve the condition. Be very alert to any impact on the rate of weight loss. Coconut oil is thermogenic, increasing fat burning potential, and so is usually appropriate. During the dietary system, you eliminate the intake of all oils and fats. Thus, your body will be scavenging for them everywhere, including those entering through the skin. You want your body to be burning up your fat reserves, so anything that supplies it with an alternative fuel supply must be stopped. There are numerous companies now manufacturing products that are promoted as oil free, but challenge the label and the sales representative to ensure that the product is truthfully promoted and is absolutely oil free.